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tv   NBC 10 News at 5pm  NBC  June 12, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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"nbc 10 news at 5:00" begins with a scorching scene in south philly. the mercury has soared to a height it hasn't reached all year. this is officially the hottest day of 2015 and thousands are sweating it out to see one of the hottest acts in all of music. talking about taylor swift in concert tonight. the heat and humidity made it too hot for school even. this was the scene outside ben franklin high school in spring garden. students in the city and suburbs were sent home early before the temperatures topped out. >> there's no shortage of people swarming to the shore for relief. taking a live look at the scene in cape may, where crowds have come for comfort here. then heading south, it's a steamy commute in delaware.
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live sky cam network in blue rock stadium showing traffic along i-95 in wilmington. so tonight we have nbc 10 team coverage of the heat and humidity. cydney long is live in south jersey where the search is on for relief. let's kick it off with nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> it is the hottest day of the season so far. it felt like as high as 100 degrees. lot of places still have some sunshine, fair weather clouds but there are a couple of storms we will tell you about. the heat advisory continues until 8:00 tonight and the sun starts going down and the temperature goes down a bit. it's down to 85 in pottstown as that thunderstorm comes a little bit closer there. it's 93 in philadelphia. of course, it's much cooler right at the beaches of the jersey shore. 72 in avalon 75 degrees in beach haven. there's the isolated thunderstorm. we have more activity back by harrisburg but this is in our
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area, in the northern portion of chester county about to move into the extreme upper portion of montgomery county. there is a severe thunderstorm warning just issued for that until 5:45. you can see a fair amount of lightning there. it goes to limerick about 5:20 5:50 in montgomery 6:00 in warrington at its present rate. 92 degrees in philadelphia at 6:00, without those thunderstorms temperatures hold into the 80s for much of the evening. we will see how much it cools off with the seven-day in a few minutes. right now, nbc 10's cydney long in camden county. >> reporter: it's not every friday that people are lined up here, take a look to have a giant bucket of water dumped over their head to dip into the cool wave pool or ride some of the water slides here. given today's heat outside, this is exactly the case. as you can tell right now, quite frankly, it is just the perfect recipe to beat the heat.
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>> absolutely. it is crazy hot out there. >> reporter: 4-year-old sofia was hot to trot friday playing hard without the worry of sunburn or burning her little fingers and toes on a piping hot sliding board. >> you don't want your kids getting burned or nothing. this is much better. you can get something to eat and the kids can run around be crazy. >> reporter: the family and dozens of others took advantage of the a/c without burning holes in their pocketbook. a nearly perfect 70 degrees at the indoor play zone at the deptford mall. alice reilly waited outside at sah sah sahara sam's all the way from newark. to splash play and stay cool. >> i can't wait to get in there. it's so hot. too hot. >> reporter: almost everyone eager to find relief in the pre-summer scorching heat. the g.m. says mother nature is always good for business.
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>> it's always 84 sunny and 84 at sahara sam's. >> reporter: that's cooler than 90 degrees. >> absolutely. a great place to come cool off. >> reporter: we checked with clementon park in camden county. they had over 1,000 visitors today. tomorrow starts the official season when they stay open all day long at sahara sam's. they hope it will be a catalyst for a strong summer. live in berlin, cydney long, nbc 10 news. sky force 10 cruising around, keeping an eye on the weather and how it's affecting you. >> sky force 10's jeremy haas is our eye in the sky. what are you seeing up there? >> reporter: right now we are at bellmawr lake watching people enjoying themselves out here. got a nice beach area, nice place for swimming. then as you come here to the
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left there's a slide. we have a couple kids sliding down the slides. timing-wise we missed them. they're walking back up. it's a great place down here. good way to beat the heat. >> the place you want to be by the water being able to take a dip, get refreshed. if you're going to be outside, the philadelphia health department has these tips to avoid heat health problems. the first on the list avoid working and playing in the sun. wear a hat or visor. use air conditioning and fans or open your windows. and talk to your doctor about any medications you take because some will affect how they respond to the heat. also, be sure to maintain a normal diet. get important weather information delivered to your smart phone or tablet with the nbc 10 weather app, a free download you can get on tragedy in philadelphia in the bustleton section. a woman is dead her mother in critical condition after a house
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fire. sky force 10 over the scene this morning. the home is on the 600 block of avon street just off bustleton avenue. the fire started around 8:00 this morning. nbc 10 spoke with a neighbor there. >> jim rosenfield in the general operations center with that story. >> neighbors were really shaken up when firefighters got to their street early this morning. it was about 7:30 a.m. when firefighters got the emergency call. they could see the flames leaping from the building when they got there. the mother was found near the front door. she was burned. as they went through the home they found the daughter's body. she was on the second floor. neighbors told us the family lived in that home for more than 20 years. >> it's shocking. i just saw her the other day walking her dog. i don't know if the dog made it out or not. >> how old is she? >> i heard she was 44, 45 years old. >> how long have you been their neighbor? >> 25 years. >> the father was able to get out through the basement after a
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neighbor kicked in a door. so a lot of help out there in the neighborhood. while fire investigators are still looking for the cause right now, they told us this morning they believe the fire started on the first floor. keith, back to you. >> jim rosenfield. in the meantime it is day seven of the man hunt for two murderers who escaped a maximum security prison in upstate new york. search teams are now zeroing in on a forest just three miles from that prison. david sweat and richard matt cut and crawled their way out of the clinton correctional facility in dannemora, new york. jay gray gives us an update. >> reporter: the show of force is growing in upstate new york. more than 800 officers and federal agents on the ground now. only three miles or so from the maximum security prison where almost a week ago, david sweat and richard matt made their break. >> we are chomping at the bit. we want to catch these guys. we want them back where they
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belong. >> reporter: teams are using every available resource working through 20 to 30 acres of rugged heavily wooded terrain in the target area. >> everything is methodically being searched with dogs. obviously you have seen helicopters. you have atvs. you have armored vehicles. >> reporter: every move coordinated in this homeland security command center. >> it's saturation and containment right now. that's what the operation consists of with a quick response capability if a sighting does occur. >> reporter: so far, the violent criminals have been out of sight and on the run, in a community on edge. >> i think they are getting a little antsy. >> reporter: as the man hunt stretches into its seventh day here. again, the focus of that search is in an area not far from the prison where officers have already found bedding, candy wrappers and foot prints evidence they hope will help lead them to the escapees. jay gray nbc news dannemora, new york.
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from the nbc 10 jersey shore bureau, an ocean county man is charged with sexually assaulting a 4-year-old girl. investigators say the 53-year-old from lakewood sexually assaulted the same little girl on two different occasions. police received a tip from the division of child protection and permanency. bail is set at $150,000. hernandez is still in jail tonight. the owner of a north jersey construction company is charged with defrauding the university of pennsylvania of millions of dollars. investigators say he inflated invoices for work done by his company accent construction. federal authorities say it happened in early 2013 when the company renovated the sheraton university city hotel which the university owns. investigators say he raised construction charges as much as 20%. if convicted, he could get 20 years behind bars. from our south jersey bureau nearly 1,000 job openings and nearly four times
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that many eager candidates willing, ready, they're able to work. job seekers came by the busload to the gloucester premium outlets job fair at camden county college. there are still two hours left to apply for 800 jobs in 90 stores. most of those stores are set to hold their grand opening on august 13th. among the sea of job applicants who stood outside in the heat one father of triplet boys and an 11-year-old daughter who says it will change his future. >> i'm unemployed right now. after having the triplets it was very expenseive to have day care. i had to sacrifice paying for day care and taking care of the triplets. >> the job fair runs until 7:00 tonight. just announced today, more name brand outlet stores including a sunglass hut, nike factory store, gymboree. to a celebration of seniors. take a look at this. nbc 10 at the deliverance
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evangelical church. there were health screenings, exercise demonstrations, haircuts, manicures and other services. visitors got to learn about the resources available to them. check your lottery ticket someone in our area is a big winner and may not even know it yet. someone bought a winning lottery ticket for yesterday's cash 5 drawing at a wawa on bethlehem pike in hatfield montgomery county worth a cool $325,000. here are the winning numbers. 7, 17, 33, 35 and 38. lottery officials say if you are the lucky winner sign the back of your ticket right away and give the lottery office a call. they are making waves over pools. coming up, one local beach town's beef with pools and why swimmers could soon be told to stay out. also ahead, race revelation. what this prominent civil rights activist is accused of
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pretending to be and why it's causing such a clamor. plus -- >> hey. >> the caught on camera confrontation that has a lot trooper under investigation. it's who he was driving that's helping this story make headlines tonight.
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let's go live to sky force 10. take a look at this beautiful shot, live over dilworth plaza in the shadow of city hall. i say shadow because you will hope for one today. it's the hottest day of the year. temperatures, the high right now, 94 but the feels-like temperature is what everyone is talking about. feels like 100 degrees out there. make sure you seek some shelter, seek that shadow. good place for it right there in the heart of center city philadelphia. pope francis will be doing a lot of traveling in the fall. he's coming to philly of course in september but now the pope might add a stop during a november swing through africa. the pope told a gathering of priests today that kenya might be added to his trip the central african republic and uganda in november. this will be pope francis' first trip to africa. count on nbc 10 to bring you new information about his visit here. get those details fast and at your convenience using the nbc 10 news app for smartphones and
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tablets. from our delaware bureau tonight, a delaware state trooper is under review after an encounter with a cyclist that was posted on youtube. take a look. >> hey, pay attention. okay? >> never mind. >> don't play with me, okay? >> sorry. >> keep it moving. >> bicyclist rob fitzgerald pulled up behind the delaware governor's suv. the vehicle was idling in a bike lane in washington, d.c. after sitting behind the car for 20 seconds, the sergeant walks over to the cyclist and pulls back his jacket to reveal his badge and gun. fitzgerald apologized and moved on. fitzgerald has been posting these videos to bring attention to drivers who ignore bike lane laws. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz.
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>> it feels like the middle of july. a hot day in the middle of july. our bodies have been slow adjusting to that. that's why it feels so oppressive today and feels like 100 degrees out there. except at the shore and in the poconos, for example. isolated thunderstorms, not feeling like 100 degrees if you're under one of those. the weekend won't be quite as hot or humid. most of the area is dry, like we are around philadelphia region but not everywhere. 93 degrees now, southwest wind at 16 miles an hour. we have been as high as 94 so far, going up to near 91 tomorrow. if we do hit 90 that will be three in a row and that means our first heat wave. 93 in philadelphia 90 in allentown. you are about to get cooled off with a thunderstorm. 92 in dover and georgetown and somewhat cooler closer to the beaches but right at the beaches, it's way cooler. only 74 degrees in cape may point, 74 in north wildwood, 72
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in sea isle city 73 in ocean city. warmer a little bit inland. 73 degrees in the atlantic city marino while it's near 90 degrees atlantic city airport. everyone will get to cool off as this front comes down cooler air behind it. it won't exactly drive through and get cool around here but it will be less humid. that's for sure. we have these isolated thunderstorms and they have been going through the area. lightning on this one is really diminished in the last half hour or so. pottstown getting a little bit of it. phoenixville getting hit with a pretty heavy bit of rain. we had a good number of lightning strikes within the past hour but that has really diminished. another severe thunderstorm warning now in the lehigh valley until 5:45. this one until 5:45 as well. could be some gusty winds, little bit of lightning with
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that and going into skippack for example, by 5:30. the one up by the allentown area getting to bethlehem at 5:20, easton at 5:40. for the shore, we are not really expecting showers and storms. it will be a little warmer tomorrow because the wind direction is different. a northwest wind at ten miles an hour. might get a sea breeze later in the day. on sunday it's an onshore wind all day. that's why it's likely to be cooler. if there's any shower it will be down toward the delaware beaches on sunday afternoon. in the poconos, best chance of showers or storms would be sunday afternoon. it will be less humid as we go through the day tomorrow. you'll notice that in the poconos even tomorrow. warm and humid with isolated evening thunderstorms. 77 degrees in philadelphia for the low. tomorrow mostly sunny day. not predicting storms with that northwest wind bringing in drier
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air. but up near 90 degrees for the high temperature. then into the mid 80s, generally dry on sunday but the clouds increase. could see some showers or storms sunday night and especially monday getting more humid again as we go into tuesday as well and even stormier perhaps later in the week. the eagles season is still several months away but one member of the birds already proving he's a winner. he is the prize at one front door today that drastically altered the lives of an area family. caught from above, a viral video from a day care that has left several people [ inaudible ].
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more than a dozen new chefs are ready to fire up new careers in south jersey. nbc 10 in camden for the procedural kitchen culinary arts graduation ceremony. 14 graduates completed classroom and hands-on training. procedural kitchen is a nonprofit organization that provides meals and other services to low income people in camden. how you doing? i'm here to install. >> imagine this. this cherry hill family got
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quite a big surprise from eagle star conner barwin. the linebacker personally delivered new solar panels from nrg home solar. let's hope he doesn't get hurt. the homeowner knew he was getting the panels installed today but had no idea who would be knocking on his door. >> from a project in south philly to catching septa to being here this morning. he's definitely in the community. we appreciate that. >> they're going to save money, it's good for the environment and is sending the right message to children about the future and about taking care of where they live. >> barwin spent the day helping crews install the new panels. he has been a big supporter of solar energy for many years now.mñ" >> he might be my favorite eagle. honoring those working to fight breast cancer in the first state, nbc 10 at the chase center on the wilmington riverfront where the shining light award, the delaware breast cancer coalition hands out awards for philanthropy and health care delivery. they have awards for businesses going that extra mile in the
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fight against breast cancer and of course they honor breast cancer survivors. mother nature is serving up the hottest weather of the year so far. >> nbc 10's ted greenberg is among those finding relief at the jersey shore. sounds like it's happening there, ted? . >> reporter: yeah. lot of folks finding relief on the beaches and the boardwalk. a big temperature difference here. that story ahead in a live report. glenn? i have been warning you about the hot, humid weather. i will let you know when you can expect relief in my exclusive nbc 10 first alert seven day forecast. i don't know what you're implying. >> are you african-american? >> it's the question that's caused a firestorm of controversy to swirl around this woman. what the prominent civil rights activist is accused of pretending to be coming up.
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at 5:30 hard work made even harder by heat and humidity. nbc 10 at cooper river park in camden where this guy was doing bicep curls and walking. that's commitment right there. this is officially the hottest day of the year so far. this little dude right here had the right idea at franklin square in center city. find a big tree stay in the shade. >> looking for the shade. one place proving popular for relief is the shore. the boardwalk was bustling today
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in wildwood as the crowds came in search of more comfortable conditions. we are also tracking some storms at this hour. they are moving through the area. you can see them on nbc 10 first alert radar. nbc 10 jersey shore bureau reporter ted greenberg is in atlantic city. we will check with ted in just a moment. but let's begin with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. glenn? >> we just have a few hours left of this heat advisory for the urbanized areas around philadelphia corridor and the temperature and humidity combined made it feel like it was 100 degrees this afternoon. 93 degree temperature now, but look what the rain has done to pottstown and allentown, down into the 70s. that is of course just a temporary thing. temperature's going to go back up into the 80s soon. but it won't be going up into the 80s at the jersey shore. 73 in avalon 75 in beach haven. it's been in the 70s all afternoon. with the wind coming in off the ocean. now, we have one cluster of storms near harrisburg but just a couple of them in our area and
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this one appears to be weakening quite quickly. went through northern chester county and into upper montgomery county. there's a warning associated with it right over upper providence and like i said much less in the way of lightning strikes. this one is still holding together. this has caused the rain in allentown and severe thunderstorm warning until 5:45 with that. that should get to easton around 5:50 then continue to move to the east. it's going to be hot and humid in the places that don't get rained on. temperatures only dropping into the 80s during the evening. i'll let you know when we will see relief with the seven day in a few minutes. right now, nbc 10 jersey shore bureau reporter ted greenberg is live in atlantic city a part of atlantic city you would like to be this kind of day, the beach. >> reporter: really a beautiful evening here at the jersey shore. we take a look out at the beach,
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still quite a few people out there on the sand. i see folks sitting there, some under umbrellas, some playing ball right now. take a look over at the boardwalk. it has been pretty packed all day as well. definitely seems like a lot of folks decided to get a jump start on their weekend to come down here to the beach to beat the extreme heat and you really can't blame them. it has been in the 70s here all afternoon. close to 15 degrees cooler than places just a few miles inland where the heat and humidity have made it feel like it's nearly 100 degrees. here at the coast, the sea breeze coming right off the ocean keeping folks very comfortable. you're from south philly? >> south philadelphia. too hot to stay there. we jumped on a bus and got here in two and a half hours. we made it and are happy and are going to go in get changed and go back out to the beach. >> gorgeous. nice breeze weather's warm. perfect. >> reporter: back here live in atlantic city that music that
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you hear is coming from the beach bar outside bally's casino. it has a pretty good crowd now as well. where we haven't seen big crowds, though is in the ocean. water temperature still just 63 degrees, a little bit too chilly for most folks to go in. live in atlantic city, ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. well the heat isn't as bad up in the poconos, either as glenn has been telling us. this is a live look at camel beach mountain water park in tannersville, where plenty of people don't see them right now but trust me they are there, slipping and sliding, staying cool and they can do that until 6:00 tonight when the park closes. sky force 10 cruising around keeping an eye on the weather and how its affecting you. >> glenn just told us we tied a record today. 95 degrees out there right now. sky force 10 photojournalist jeremy haas is our eye in the sky. you see some people scull on the
5:33 pm
river right now. >> we kind of changed it up. we were showing you earlier people cooling off in the heat. now we are showing you people who are just working really hard in the heat getting good exercise and even though they are on the water you know they got to be really hot right now. just not letting the heat keep them down. >> all right, jeremy thank you so much. appreciate your time up there in sky force 10 live over the schuykill. you can get important weather information delivered right to your smartphone or tablet with the nbc 10 weather app. it's a free download. get it on our website, a contractor is in jail tonight accused of removing asbestos from a hospital without a license. 57-year-old frank rizzo was sentenced to three years in prison. he and the owner of the company contracted with the former zurbrugg memorial hospital in riverside. the agreement was to remove
5:34 pm
asbestos before demolishing the building. prosecutors say the workers weren't trained to do the job and some were convicts from a halfway house in trenton. instead of removing the asbestos properly prosecutors say workers were told to put it in bags and dump it in the hospital boiler room. his co-defendant was sentenced to close to a year in jail with three years probation. he pleaded guilty to violating the asbestos control and licensing act. five workers at a montessori school in new jersey have been fired. an investigate right now under way after cell phone video surfaced showing an aide aggressively handling a 2-year-old. today, there was more troubling video showing another employee at that same school in hoboken grabbing a crying child by her feet. nbc 10 national correspondent mark centilla has that story. >> reporter: these videos are hard to watch. a 23 month old girl manhandled and pushed to the ground and this video obtained exclusively by news 4 showing an employee at apple montessori in hoboken
5:35 pm
grabbing a crying child by her feet holding them and yelling quote, stop it stop it right now. >> i was obsessed. i couldn't believe that a teacher would do that to a 2-year-old. >> reporter: carmelo garcia has seen the video and the stories on news 4. he is a new jersey assemblyman who has also served on a board of education in hoboken for more than a decade. >> we have to protect those children, make sure we protect parents as legislators. that's the one thing that has to happen. >> reporter: the i team has learned schools like apple montessori are not licensed child care centers. they are not subject to strict state regulations that require teachers to meet minimum standards. assemblyman garcia is promising action to change that. >> i think the same standards should apply where we're monitoring the activity of the teachers. >> as a mother we all almost were in tears. i was. just to see how that child was being treated and how young she was. >> reporter: these videos are unsettling to linda.
5:36 pm
her son attended apple montessori for a year. linda says she never saw signs of abuse but no doubt questions linger. >> when you have that question in your mind, did that ever happen to him? he's kind of a rambunctious kid. did people ever rough him up. well one local supermarket chain is brewing up something big. it's hoping to get into the beer business. that story straight ahead. and the healing power of hula. what researchers are hoping to determine this dance can do for you.
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a prominent civil rights leader in washington state's under fire after evidence surfaced that she may have lied about her race. she heads a local chapter of the
5:39 pm
naacp. well she's now under investigation by the city of spokane after saying she was african-american on an application to be on a police oversight board. well, her family says she's white and has been portraying herself as an african-american. some people are calling for her to resign. are you african-american? >> i don't understand the question. >> she knows it's false but i think she's told herself as well as she's told others this erroneous identity of hers enough that by now, she may believe it more than she believes the truth. >> a source for the naacp says there was an executive board meeting last night and as of now, nothing has changed. milk eggs bread and a six-pack. why a supermarket is planning to open two new beer cafes in the lehigh valley. the grocery chain says it's in the early stages of planning beer cafes for its stores in
5:40 pm
hanover township northampton county and allentown lehigh county. weis operates more than 30 in-store beer cafes in the state. the move would put weis in better position to compete with wegman's which has been selling beer in the lehigh valley since 2008. changes are coming to twitter. details of that are straight ahead. plus a roadside roundup you don't want to miss. look at this. those stories and more ahead on "nbc 10 news at 5:00." plenty of heat and humidity out there today. but there is relief on the way. i'll have the details. new at 6:00 an update on philadelphia archdiocese high schools. this one will be welcome news to parents.
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take a look at this. in texas, the cows attempt a day of freedom. a half ton bovine was being transported in a trailer yesterday when the door suddenly flew open. she made a break for it right on to the highway. take a look at that. a sheriff's deputy chased the cow but she wasn't having any of it. she hopped that concrete divider, ran straight into a citrus grove, where she played a little hide and go seek. finally a handler managed to lasso the runaway cow and get her safely back into her trailer. some changes are finally coming to twitter. the social network has announced it will remove its 140 character limit on direct messages. it will now have 10,000 character limits instead. direct messages allow you to chat privately with other twitter users. this change won't affect the
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public side of twitter. regular tweets will still be limited to 140 characters. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> in addition to the heat and humidity we have had a couple of thunderstorms in the area and now just a report of some trees down and power outages in whitehall township in lehigh county. i will show you that storm in just a minute. it feels like 100 degrees out there in most of the area and now where it's raining, not at the beaches, isolated thunderstorms, some of them pretty strong. the weekend won't be as hot or humid. much of the area is dry, just like that picture is showing you. 93 degrees. we got up to 95 today. the southwest wind at 16 miles an hour so the temperature's gone from 92 to 95. tomorrow pretty close to the 90 degree mark and if we hit it that will make it an official heat wave. look at the temperature and how it's dropped in allentown and
5:45 pm
pottstown. you can tell it's been raining there. it's still in the 90s throughout delaware, including at lewes. much cooler at the beaches at the jersey shore, only in the 70s. 73 in avalon 74 in beach haven. atlantic city temperature of 75 right on the boardwalk. there's a cold front that will put an end to some of this. we have drier and cooler air coming in behind it. as we head into the weekend. these are the storms one of the storms weakened quite a bit just in the last half hour or so. it had a lot of lightning. now it hardly has any. right along the pennsylvania turnpike, though coming into norristown. the other storm is the one that produced the wind damage and this is in the lehigh valley and a warning has now been extended as the storm is right over easton and nazareth right now with some pretty heavy rain. this red area indicating a
5:46 pm
rainfall rate of close to three inches per hour so big downpours with that cell. that continues to move to the east toward new jersey. speaking of new jersey over the weekend, it's actually going to be warmer at the jersey beaches behind the cold front. it's all about the wind direction. wind direction will be out of the northwest, it's a land breeze so getting to the 80s tomorrow before the sea breeze kicks in. then the onshore wind on sunday will keep you cooler, a lot like today. in the poconos, 78 degrees with lower humidity. a really nice day tomorrow. then the clouds increase on sunday, chance of thunderstorms during the afternoon. the future cast shows the temperatures staying up for much of the night tonight. by tomorrow morning, we are near 80 degrees already at 8:00 a.m. but with a northwest wind and the cooler area coming down that's going to prevent us from getting anywhere near as hot as it got today. the humidity will be
5:47 pm
significantly lower as well. you should notice that difference. warm and humid with those isolated evening thunderstorms. 77 degrees for the low. tomorrow, a hot day but not as hot or humid as today. highs near 90 mostly sunny skies. that northwest wind making the difference. then on sunday the clouds start to increase. best chance of storms is at night and into monday. warm and humid on tuesday and the best chance of storms and maybe some heavy rain later in the week. >> thank you, glenn. despite an unexpected visit by president obama, who made a last minute appeal to democrats on his pacific trade deal the house voted the measure down today. it was a rare instance where congressional democrats were the big road block to an obama legislative priority. the president traveled to the hill to speak with skeptical house democrats. the surprise meeting happened shortly before a series of house votes on the so-called fast track authority that grants the president power to negotiate a deal that can't be adjusted by
5:48 pm
congress. let's go now to moderator of "meet the press" chuck todd. chuck, so glad to have you with us. tell us why democrats were opposed to the president's trade plan and really, what's next for this measure? >> well look, here's why they're opposed. this is not very popular with labor unions and this is not very popular with the core part of the democratic base. the people that are left in congress, the house democrats that are left are those that represent some of the deepest blue congressional districts in the country who have a lot -- where labor unions have a lot of influence. the president was just on opposing sides with labor. labor fought this tooth and nail. labor threatened house lawmakers, democrats that voted with the president with primary challenges. this is a good old-fashioned way of when a politician's looking out for their own political survival and many of these house democrats looked at what was happening to them and figured it wasn't worth the risk of getting
5:49 pm
primaried even if it was meaning dealing what could be a legacy blow to their own president. >> it really was sort of confusing because they were like two votes today. what's next for this measure? >> all right. so this is why it's confusing. the two votes are this. what got voted down is something called trade assistance insurance. what this is is that any worker that feels as if their job gets outsourced to another country because of a trade agreement by the united states there is money from the government to help with retraining and job placement, things like that. it's something democrats have demanded over the years for free trade agreements. president obama has said he won't sign a trade agreement that doesn't have this. but democrats decided to vote this down collectively as a way to stop the push for the other part of the trade agreement which as you noted did pass. but the way the legislation works, the senate passed both.
5:50 pm
the house only passed one. this can't get to the president's desk. that's why it's quote unquote been effectively killed. i know this is getting into sausage making here. here's what happens next. in the next 72 hours the speaker of the house has the ability to bring back the bill that got voted down this trade assistance insurance. that's what's going to happen. you will see the president again probably making tons of phone calls, personal help john boehner on the republican side is going to see if he can find more republican votes for this and they will try to do a revote to see if they salvage this. i'm skeptical but that's what you will see happen. >> all right. it certainly isn't over. chuck todd "meet the press" moderator live in washington tonight. thanks for sorting it out for us. we will see you of course on sunday. "meet the press" this sunday morning at 10:30 right here on nbc 10. to hula dancing now. you heard me right. the serious question could it help heal breast cancer?
5:51 pm
that's just what doctors in hawaii want to know. they are following breast cancer survivors who hula to learn if the traditional dance improves their health. researchers say the moods of the women improved. now they want to know if that leads to a reduced risk of recurrence. all the women continued dancing even when the study ended. hopefully they were inside when they danced on a day like today. >> right. that's for sure. speaking of what it's like outside today, boy, it's miserable. >> that's right. heat and humidity and hula dancing. no just kidding. some backyard pools in our area could soon be off-limits. the reason why all new on "nbc 10 news at 5:00." then coming up on "nbc 10 news at 6:00," earlier this week we told you about some abandoned gas stations that shore residents say are eyesores. tonight see what action is being taken.
5:52 pm
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new at 5:00 a beach battle in delaware. >> the water brings cash for homeowners and also brings clamor. the controversy's unfolding in rehoboth beach. people there could soon be banned from using pools. tim furlong is live there. i understand that not everyone's happy with the proposal right? >> reporter: that's right. you look in the official guide and you see plenty of ads, rent
5:55 pm
rental houses with swimming pools. some people who live here year round say the rental pools are ruining their town. they want them closed up to renters all together. >> this is unreasonable noise. this is noise that really breaks your back. >> reporter: donna moved here because she loved the neighborhood feel but says more big rental houses like this seven bedroom one that sleeps 18 behind her house -- >> some of the other pool properties are renting for like $12,000 a week. >> reporter: she says they are ruining the town. she and others say the problems are specifically coming from the rental houses with pools. >> it's relentless noise. it's people in the pools three and four times a day, screaming and shrieking. >> reporter: the mayor is with her. he proposed a plan that would tell homeowners you can rent your house but can't let renters use your pool. >> i think it's outrageous. >> reporter: john owns a big house that has a pool. he hasn't received any noise complaints about his tenants. he wonders if porches could be outlawed too and what about the play grounds where kids make noise? >> it's a horrific invasion of
5:56 pm
private property rights. and it's tremendously unfair to the tenant community. >> reporter: john says it's unfair to make him lower his rents because tenants can't use the pool and says families with small kids and elderly folks look specifically for places with pools. he thinks the mayor wants to turn the town into a sleepy retirement community. donna fears the town will be turned into a loud renters only summer town. there is a clearly drawn line in the sand. beautiful day here. i called the mayor sam coolerper today. he didn't call me back. both sides hope a compromise can be reached. there's a noise ordinance in town, if a home gets too loud it is possible to enforce that but we know all over the country noise ordinances are subjective. they are very tough to enforce. in this very very beautiful delaware town things are getting a little ugly on this issue. tim furlong, nbc 10 news. coming up next on "nbc 10
5:57 pm
news at 6:00" -- >> it is downright uncomfortable outside. how long will we be dealing with scorching temperatures? what about it glenn? >> it is the hottest day of the year. it feels like it too. i will show you if things will remain oppressive through the weekend. a dispute over the sounds of summer involving local businesses and some of the music you may hear as you vacation down the shore. and transforming philadelphia. see why a lot of empty lots in the city may soon get a new look.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
it's a sweltering day out there, especially tough for anyone who works outside like these workers at a cherry hill car wash. if you step out the door you know it feels like triple digits out there. good evening. i'm jim rosenfield. >> i'm renee chenault-fattah. >> a heat advisory in effect right now. it was so hot, philadelphia public schools sent students home early. >> we have team coverage of the weather. nbc 10's jesse gary showing us how people are trying to beat the heat. nbc 10's drew smith is at lincoln financial field where taylor swift fans are getting ready to enjoy the muggy night to see the pop star. we will begin with nbc 10 chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz for more on the heat plus details on some storms moving through our area. glenn? >> that's right. we only have a couple hours left in this heat advisory for urbanized areas around the
6:00 pm
philadelphia corridor. tomorrow, we may be hot again but not as hot or humid as today. on the radar, we just have seen isolated showers and storms. one of them right along the pennsylvania turnpike. that certainly has weakened but it's right along the turnpike at norristown now and headed toward abington and eventually to lower bucks county. this one caused some wind damage in whitehall township that just went by easton and is now just about to cross the delaware river into new jersey. the temperatures now are generally on the hot side except if you have been affected by one of those storms like pottstown, it's 78 degrees. it's 93 in philadelphia. at the beaches, it's a different story. that southerly wind southwest wind is a sea breeze in new jersey it's 73 in avalon, 74 degrees in beach haven. for much of the rest of the area, th


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